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Interview with Einar Wigen - Turkey at the crossroads: has the country been drifting away from democracy?

By Gizem Ozturk Erdem | 25 September 2013

From May 27th, 2013 we have been witnessing protests at Gezi Park in Istanbul, that were started by only 50 Environmentalists who were against to a plan to redevelop Istanbul's Gezi Park into a complex with new mosque and shopping centre. At a conference in Istanbul in June, EU Commissioner Štefan Füle echoed the statements of many other political leaders and claimed “Peaceful demonstrations constitute a legitimate way for these groups to express their views in a democratic society. Excessive use of force by police against these demonstrations has no place in such a democracy.”      

Italian cinema: oscillating between magnificence, decline and damage control

By Piera Sciama | 10 June 2013

The History of Italian cinema is a captivating one. It is a roller coaster of ups and downs, hope and despair, talent and trash. Intimately related to this History, is the Cine Città, enormous complex built in the centre of Rome and dedicated first to cinematographic production and nowadays also to TV series… This article, although not exhaustive, intends to review the evolution of the cinema in the country in order to raise the challenges it now faces and to cast hope for its future.

The new education system in Turkey – making pilots out of religious school graduates?

By Percin Imrek | 7 September 2012

  "The new education system in Turkey –making pilots out of religious school graduates?" This was a comment that a blogger put on his page, after the new education system (4+4+4) entered into force following the decision made by the currently ruling party in Turkey, the AKP (Justice and Development Party). He was expressing his concern over the conservative AKP, notably the fact that they favour the students who study in religious schools. And the new system will only help them, but no one else.

“Europeans’ memory”: an overview of Turkish debates

By Ayhan Kaya | 26 September 2011

Prof. Ayhan Kaya, Director of European Institute of Istanbul Bilgi University speaks about the importance of researching European memory. He underlined that what is concealed in memory is very much linked to the present time with reference to the transformative effect of the European Union on Turkey.

The Role of Europeanization in Modern Turkey

By Ayşe Tecmen | 26 September 2011

Some EU officials argue that the result of enlargement may not be as important as the process. Indeed, acceeding to the EU implies a significant metamorphosis from the applicants: to comply with the Helsinki criteria (state of law, resistant free-economy, respect of human rights, respect of the acquis communautaire, etc), to get “europeanized”, adaptation is the only way possible. What shape does this transformation take, especially in Turkey ?

Reconstructing European Memory: The Role of Historians, Politicians and Judicial Institutions

By Capucine Goyet | 26 September 2011

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us”, Oscar Wilde shrewdly wrote in The Importance of Being Earnest. Not only is this diary individual, but it is also national, as the recent arrests of wartime Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladić and Croatian Serb President Goran Hadžić have shown. While raising the question of the European future of Serbia, these two arrests also brought back to life different Yugoslavian memories. This paper will analyze the role of historians, politicians and judicial institutions in the (re)construction of memory.

What is Euroscepticism and its reasons in Turkey?

By Aslı Aydın | 26 September 2011

In recent times, Euroscepticism has become a quite common attitude in member states. Some sensitives European issues like enlargement to Turkey still reflect it. But what about Euroscepticism from the other side – among Turkish people ?

Does Turkey have a place in European memory ?

By Ophélie Hémonin | 26 September 2011

Endless controversies are revived every now and then by PM Erdoğan’s declarations, Cyprus topical events or AKP’s unambiguous victory in June exhaust the question of whether or not Turkey should become a member of the EU. Going beyond this question and taking a step back, pondering on Turkey’s share in European memory provides some elements of answers as regards to Turkey’s past and present place in Europe’s, and proves enlightening for future debates about Europe itself.