No garbage in the streets! Misplaced concerns in prevailing world hypocrisies

By Ivan Matic | 28 March 2011

The return of Roma from France to Romania and Bulgaria is not a new phenomenon. Europea Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) reported that France has been returning Roma to these countries under various schemes in significant numbers since at least 2007. What is new with expulsions of Roma that occurred in 2010 and why this issue never came into focus before? But before, passed the common picture and prejudice we have of them, what do we know about the European Romani population?

Is the British press more eurosceptic than the British public?

By Mathilde Bonneau | 22 March 2011

Euro-scepticism is said to be widely spread among British public. A quick look at the press seems to confirm it : virulent (and sometimes vulgar) frontpages against the EU help sell big newspapers by millions. But to what extent does it reflect the British public opinion ? Does it mean that trust in the EU is lower than trust in national political institutions ?

What is left of Turkey's enthusiasm for the EU?

By Gizem Ozturk Erdem | 17 March 2011

What is the Turkish public’s degree of optimism regarding EU-Turkey relations after this endless process of accession negotiations that is intermittently re-launched without ever being concluded? Does the Turkish public, today, actually want Turkey to be a member of the Union? Do the recent claims that Turkey lost its faith in the West reflect the truth?

Maurice Fraser: Europe, enlargements and the UK

By Claudia Louati | 8 March 2011

Why British governments are traditionally in favour of enlargement? How to explain widespread euroscepticism in the UK? And what about the credibility of the Hungarian presidency? Maurice Fraser, a senior fellow in European Politics at the London School of Economics, shares with us his opinion.


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